What is this blog about?

A window to our life

At first glance, this site is about our family’s expat life in a small town in the highlands of Costa Rica.  I tweet and blog about experiences as mundane as buying produce at the Farmer’s Market.  I tweet and blog about informative but boring issues such as dealing with electric showers in a Latin America country.  I tweet and blog about our travels in Costa Rica.  After all, blogging is a great way to keep our friends and family up to date about our adventures.

Costa Rica expat information

I would like this blog to function as a guide to anyone wanting to move to Costa Rica, especially with a family.  Most of my information will be related to the Santa Elena/Monteverde area, but a lot of it will have more global applications. I will talk about cost of living, the schools, and day to day life in Monteverde, Costa Rica.  Keep tuned for more information about living in Costa Rica as an American expat.

Inspire to redesign

“Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

~ George Bernard Shaw ~

When I was in high school or college, if anyone had asked me what I imagined my life to be like when I “grew up”, I would have described the idyllic suburban life I had in San Antonio.  I wanted to be a successful physician living in a 2-story house in an exclusive, gated community with a gringo husband, 2 beautiful children, and at least 2 dogs.  And I got everything I wanted…..until I looked at my life with a bird’s eye view and felt the way Dr. Frankenstein must have felt when he created the monster: “What have I done?!”  I had the life I thought I wanted on the surface, but when I was truly honest with myself (or when my daughter was brutally honest with me), I realized that was not it at all.  So I quit my job, sold our house, sold our cars, got rid of a lot of stuff, put the rest of the stuff in storage, and bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica.

My hope is that this blog functions as an inspiration to anyone who feels cemented in an unhappy situation to make a change for the better.  I don’t expect everyone to pack up and move to another country.  The steps to redesign your life can be very small, such as quitting sodas to lose weight or taking a course at a community college to improve career opportunities.  I would like this blog to empower anyone reading it to redesign their life to get out of whatever situation is making them miserable.  Life is way to short to live that way.

Pura Vida!

About Noemi Gamel

Noemi Gamel is a physician who prefers writing diverse children's fantasy stories instead of medical charts. She is a geeky nomad, too.
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