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Monteverde Sustainability Projects: Finca La Querencia

I am part of a community-supported agriculture (CSA) here in Monteverde that I love!  Finca La Querencia is a diversified, multiple-family farm in the San Luis Valley.  The farmers integrate alternative energy systems into their production of dairy, coffee, and … Continue reading

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Attitudes About Homework

One of the biggest changes to which we have had to adjust is homework.  Kara and Tristan went to Montessori School of San Antonio which did not assign homework.  My colleagues were very jealous of me because I did not … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Gym Membership to Lose Weight?

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” -John Bingham  Embarking on an exercise program is a scary prospect.  I remember when I first started, I was terrified that I was going … Continue reading

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Redesigning Your Life: 5 Questions You Should Answer

“Life is worthwhile if you plan.  Design your life or someone else will.” ~ Jim Rohn ~ At the risk of sounding like the plethora of self-help hacks out there, I have a list of steps that anyone thinking of … Continue reading

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Must Do in Monteverde: Bajo Del Tigre

One of my favorite spots to go hiking in Monteverde is Bajo del Tigre, the only section of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest that is open to walk-in visitors. Kara especially likes going to Bajo del Tigre because her friend lives … Continue reading

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Calculating Our New Carbon Footprint

One of the many reasons I decided to move to Costa Rica with my family was to escape the lifestyle of American consumerism and commercial debauchery.  I wanted to live in a country where we could reduce our carbon footprint. … Continue reading

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Cost of Groceries in Monteverde

I am often asked by USA/EU/UK friends and family as well as blog readers what the cost of living is in Monteverde.  Costa Rica is one of the most expensive Latin American countries.  Monteverde is one of the most expensive … Continue reading

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