Baby Steps to Redesign Your Life: Weight Loss Step 2

A few weeks ago, I blogged about giving up sugared drinks as a small step in the great journey towards weight-loss.  During my personal weight loss journey, I found that it is much easier to lose weight by making multiple small changes rather than making a few huge changes.  For example, it is easy to reduce the portion size of your regular meals.  It is not easy to exclusively eat grapefruit for one month.

Here is another piece of advice that I have found helpful for both weight loss and weight maintenance:

Step 2:  Eat simply.

When people ask me about the best way to lose weight, they often ask me to give them recipes of good, healthy, nutritious, meals that are of course easy to make.  Many folks embarking on a new “diet” or a lifestyle change of the way they eat end up trying to cook elaborate meals with crazy, exotic, expensive ingredients.  Forget that.  Eat simply. You don’t need fancy ingredients. You don’t need a cook book.

For example, these are some of my favorite lunches:

1)  A large avocado with a handful of halved cherry tomatoes flavored with salt, pepper, and lemon juice along with a piece of fresh fruit

2)  A cup of hummus with chopped tomatoes, along with a piece of fruit and carrot sticks

3)  2-3 corn tortillas filled with beans (usually leftovers, refried) and cheese and tomatoes, along with a piece of fruit

There is very little cooking involved.  The meals are low-carb, gluten-free, low-calorie, vegetarian and vegan friendly, easy to make, filling, and healthy.

Usually, the more time,  effort, money, and ingredients you invest in a meal, the higher the calorie content will be.  Have you ever noticed that the Barefoot Contessa does not include the calorie count of her recipes?  So toss that recipe book aside.  Eat simply.  You will also find that when you eat a simple, familiar meal, you are less likely to overindulge.  When you eat a rich, complicated, and unfamiliar meal, you will tend to want to eat more of it, often because of the novelty of the meal.  So it is better to simple, boring stuff!

If you really have a need for a cookbook, I recommend “15-minute Vegetarian Recipes”.  Most of the meals have less than 5 ingredients and are very simple to make, though the 15 minute deal is a stretch.  Choose 2-3 recipes for lunch and another 3-4 for dinner.  Practice cooking those meals and stick to them. You will get more efficient at cooking and you will find that you will eat less when you eat simple and familiar meals.

Redesign Challenge of the Week:  Instead of eating out, pack your lunch to work  this week with a simple meal such as the ones above.  You will save money, time, and calories!  If you work at home, this will be even easier for you.

Pura Vida!

About Noemi Gamel

Noemi Gamel is a physician who prefers writing diverse children's fantasy stories instead of medical charts. She is a geeky nomad, too.
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