Why Do You Run?

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.” –Gail Devers

As I have posted previously here and here, running is an integral part of my life.  I started running in late 2008/early 2009 to train for a 5K and I have been hooked on running since then.  I have one marathon, several half-marathons, and countless 5K and 10K races under my belt.  When I decided to uproot my family to move to Costa Rica, I made sure that I would be able to run safely in Monteverde before we moved.

I have friends, colleagues, family members, and acquaintances that have lost weight or maintain a healthy weight with many different types of exercise, such as Zumba, Insanity, power-walking, swimming, bicycling, or hitting the gym several times per week.  I have tried other forms of exercise.  I did Insanity for about 5 months and loved the results on my body, but I didn’t get the same liberating feeling of empowerment that I get when I run.  Runner’s high is real, even for a “middle-of-the-pack” runner like me.  My running partner used to tell me I was no better than a “crack ho”.

“There are a million reasons you can’t. Focus on the few reasons why you can.” @KaraGoucher

I run because it is cheaper than therapy, healthier than happy hour, and it is the closest thing I have to a religion.  Some of the best ideas I had for projects at work or solutions to serious problems have come to me during a long run.  At the risk of sounding vain and superficial, I run to look good too.  Why else would I wake up at the crack of dawn to hit the road during all kinds of crazy weather instead of sleeping in and waking up to a hot cup of coffee?

So you runners out there, why do you run?

If you run for reasons other than the ones listed on the poll, let me know in the comments!  I also encourage anyone looking for a cheap, easy, efficient form of exercise to try running.  You will be hooked.

Pura Vida!

About Noemi Gamel

Noemi Gamel is a physician who prefers writing diverse children's fantasy stories instead of medical charts. She is a geeky nomad, too.
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