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4 Bad Reasons to Move to Costa Rica

In my previous post, I blogged about 4 good reasons to move to Costa Rica.  In this post, I will discuss the bad reasons.  I am not trying to discourage potential expats from coming to the land of Pura Vida! … Continue reading

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4 Good Reasons to Move to Costa Rica

Before you move to Costa Rica, you must search within yourself to gain insight as to your motivations.  If you move for the right reasons, your chances of successful cultural integration will increase.  Below are 4 good reasons to move … Continue reading

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What Is It Like to Be an Expat Parent in Costa Rica?

Kara, my tween daughter, recently confided a story to me recently that made me cringe inside.  The local custom in Costa Rica is to dump organic waste (banana peels, uneaten rice/beans, and other food waste products) outside as compost.  We … Continue reading

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Simplifying in Costa Rica: Reduce, Reuse, Recyle

One of the reasons we moved to Costa Rica out all the many countries we considered is it’s prevalent culture of sustainability and conservation.  You can live in Costa Rica and be enslaved by consumerism, produce a ton of trash, … Continue reading

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Reflections of Culture Shock in Film

The following anecdotes depict some of the greatest sources of culture shock for me in Costa Rica.  These are not meant to be judgmental, just observations of some of the cultural differences that unnerved me initially, but I have now … Continue reading

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5 Lessons Learned from Overcoming Culture Shock

Please visit my previous posts on defining culture shock and how to overcome it.  After going through all 3 stages of the cultural adjustment curve, I have learned a few lessons along this colorful roller coaster ride. I will have negative … Continue reading

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“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” 7 Actions to Help You Overcome Culture Shock

As I mentioned in my previous post, the term “culture shock” is a misnomer because it is not necessarily an acute event, but rather a series of sensations experienced over time when a person is immersed in an unfamiliar environment … Continue reading

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