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Unplugged Fun: Forts and Huts

Besides bug hotels, the kids have also each built a fort in the yard.  They did it all by themselves.  Kara and Tristan spend hours in their little huts and when it rains I have to force them to get … Continue reading

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Must Do in Monteverde: The Butterfly Garden

We stumbled upon the Monteverde Butterfly Garden by chance.  Chris had read about it in the wonderful, inspiring book “One Year Off”.  During the first week we were here, we stayed at Los Pinos, and we saw a sign for … Continue reading

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Unplugged Fun: Bug Hotels

I will start featuring “Unplugged Fun” blog posts depicting ideas of fun things for kids to do outside without an electronic device.  Here is the first one. One of the biggest downsides to living in Monteverde, Costa Rica is the … Continue reading

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