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Reflections on Simplifying in Costa Rica: I can live without these

As I reflect on ways we have simplified our lives since moving to Costa Rica, I amazed by how many things we live without that I previously thought were absolutely essential.  This is a partial list of things I used … Continue reading

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Reflections on Living Without a Car

The kids don’t fear to speak to me…. When my family and I head into town to go to the market or a restaurant or run errands, we spend the time talking.  Since I no longer turn into Traffic Mama, … Continue reading

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5 Lessons Learned From Living Without A Car In Costa Rica

In the previous post, I listed the many benefits of walking instead of driving.  After living this way for several months, I have learned many valuable lessons from walking. Slow down.  Before we moved to Costa Rica, I used to … Continue reading

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I Love Walking!

Walking is great.  I am grateful to live in a small town where walking is part of the prevalent culture.  Below are 5 benefits of walking over driving. Better for your health Cities that are walking-friendly such as Boston and … Continue reading

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Can You Live Without a Car in Monteverde, Costa Rica?

When I was exploring different destinations for my move abroad, I wanted somewhere I could live without a car.  In San Antonio, like most families, we owned two cars.  I drove a cute Mazda 5 “micro-minivan” and Chris drove a … Continue reading

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