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Reflections About Buying Food in Monteverde in Pictures

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What I Have Learned from Shopping at the Farmer’s Market

When I first went to the Feria de Agricultor, or farmer’s market in Monteverde, I noticed some small, red fruits covered in a shell of tiny tentacles.  They looked like something brought back from Mars!  I did not know what … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Shop at La Feria

One of the best things about living in Monteverde is the Feria de Agricultor, or farmer’s market that happens every Saturday morning in Santa Elena.  I highly recommend that you visit la Feria if you live here or are traveling … Continue reading

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Where Do You Buy Food In Monteverde?

After a few weeks of living here, I figured out what food to get where.  I have a pretty good routine now.  Below are the places that Ticos and expats go to in order to buy food in Monteverde. Feria … Continue reading

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Monteverde Sustainability Projects: Finca La Querencia

I am part of a community-supported agriculture (CSA) here in Monteverde that I love!  Finca La Querencia is a diversified, multiple-family farm in the San Luis Valley.  The farmers integrate alternative energy systems into their production of dairy, coffee, and … Continue reading

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Arroz con Vegetales

We definitely have plenty of rice and vegetables in Costa Rica.  “Arroz con pollo” (Chicken with rice) is very popular here.  I make a vegetarian version using vegetables from the Feria de Agricultor (Farmer’s Market). Ingredients: Olive oil 1 medium … Continue reading

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Costa Rican Picadillo: Taking advantage of the bounty from the Feria de Agricultor

We are on vacation this week!  So my blog posts are going to be rather short. One of the things I love about living in Monteverde/Santa Elena is the farmer’s market, or “Feria de Agricultor” that happens every Saturday.  It … Continue reading

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