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5 Amazing Perks of Parenting in Costa Rica as an Expat

In my previous post, I blogged about the challenges of parenting as an expat in Costa Rica.  As intense as it is to raise third culture kids, these are offset by all the wonderful benefits of being a parent in … Continue reading

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What Is It Like to Be an Expat Parent in Costa Rica?

Kara, my tween daughter, recently confided a story to me recently that made me cringe inside.  The local custom in Costa Rica is to dump organic waste (banana peels, uneaten rice/beans, and other food waste products) outside as compost.  We … Continue reading

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Reflections on Our Trip to the Pantanal, Brazil

While traveling to the exotic Brazilian jungle may seem glamorous, the journey was not always perfect.  Not only was getting there painfully long, requiring long flights, layovers, uncomfortable truck and boat rides, but my patience and parenting skills were tested … Continue reading

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